Psychedelic Integration

The Psychedelic Renaissance

Over the past few years we’ve seen an exciting psychedelic renaissance. People have begun to explore psychoactive compounds for healing, personal development, and spiritual exploration.

While the psychedelic experience can reveal important parts of our subconscious mind, understanding these revelations, and using them to make changes to our day to day life, requires integration.

UCLA Professor of Psychiatry Dan Siegel describes integration as “the ability to flow between the extremes of rigidity and chaos, and experience harmony. Without the movement toward integration, the entire system moves away from complexity and harmony, and into rigidity.”

This is a wonderful reflection on the psychedelic experience, and the necessity for integration. The challenges that may arise from a psychedelic experience can spark insight and discovery, but transformation comes with the work of integration. As we learn to hold both the rigidity and chaos in our mind & body, a greater reorganization can take place and true transformation within our inner and outer worlds becomes possible.

Your next step

Whether you’ve already had a psychedelic experience, or you plan to have one in the future, I would like to guide you through the integration process – and help you see positive, lasting change in your life.

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Without the movement toward integration, the entire system moves away from complexity and harmony, and into rigidity.

- Dan Siegel

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