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Mike Govoni Guest Appearances

Mike's Guest Appearances

One of the many joys in my work is having the opportunity to connect with other people who are passionate about what they do in the healing and holistic world, whether it be working with people suffering from trauma, addiction, eating related problems, or a range of other mental and physical illnesses.  

Below I have shared a few of the memorable guest appearances and conversations I have been lucky enough to have. 

I hope you enjoy the engaging, informative and heart-filled conversations I have shared with others doing amazing things in the world of healing!

Certified Health Nut

Leading Longevity Authority, Troy Casey, Certified Health Nut, is a world renowned life coach and healer who has scoured the Earth searching for the most powerful health and healing methods.

Troy and I enjoyed a hike in the Sedona mountains, and recorded this video to share with our followers.

The Awareness Space

Well-being Podcast Host, Owen Morgan, from The Awareness Space explores how self-awareness and self-compassion can boost well-being and improve life as a whole. Looking at how we can use it to heal, transform and live a life more fully.

In this episode we have an in-depth conversation we discuss the mind/body connection. 

The Road Beyond Recovery

The Road Beyond Recovery Podcast empowers entrepreneurs in recovery to master their mind so they can grow their business and lead authentically fulfilled lives through community, connection and collaboration.

In this episode, Tamar Medford from The Road Forward and I chat about methods to help heal from trauma.

Jeff Simone, Reaction Recovery

Reaction Recovery is a private coaching service that offers individualized lifestyle strategies to help achieve recovery goals. 

In this episode, Jeff Simone and I talk about the opioid epidemic, recovery, and thriving on the other side of addiction.  

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