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Ep 9: Speaking Your Truth: Alternative Paths To Recovery w/ Meagan Kenney

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About this Episode:

In this episode Meg and I cover a ton of ground. Meg shares how she went from IV drug user to PhD candidate.

By doing her deep work in recovery, she healed past wounds to speak her truth and step into her life’s purpose to help others heal.

Part of speaking her truth led Meg to create “The Addictionary Podcast,” the #2 ranked recovery podcast. Meg shares her in-depth journey of using alternative therapies and modalities to heal from addiction such as CBD, cannabis, micro-dosing, plant medicine and more.

Her open heart and fiery personality make for a wonderful conversation that inspire all who listen.

Key Points:

7:55 – Sharing my truth to step into my work

13:20 – Stepping in my power in Recovery

13:35 – Pain is the great motivator

14:20 – Transforming shame to embrace my purpose

18:15 – CBD to treat opioid addiction

18:50 – Plant medicine and micro-dosing

22:28 – Meditation in motion

27:32 – Self Compassion to Self Heal

47:00 – People Pleasing – Having NO boundaries

56:38 – Self first is not Selfish

About Meagan Kenney:

Maegan Kenney is the creator and host of The Addictionary Podcast on YouTube and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in clinical psychology at William James College in Newton, MA. She founded the school’s Opioid Crisis and Advocacy student group and is passionate to raise awareness about the many pathways towards recovery, which is informed by her personal struggles with opioid addiction. Maegan has worked in the mental health field for over seven years and has her master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling. She is currently conducting research examining how individuals use cannabis as an exit strategy from opioid use and addiction, which will conclude in September. Maegan is motivated to use her public platform to encourage people to think outside the box, especially when it comes to their own healthcare and emphasizes the need for systems health and integration. She has been a public voice in the realm of addition, recovery, trauma, and plant medicines. She has also been featured in the U.S. News & World Report, MassINC, iHeartRadio, WBZ, Metro, and more.

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