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Ep 8: Overcoming Adversity – From Pain To Purpose w/ Mike Govoni

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About this Episode:

Welcome to my first Solo show of The Healing Beyond Recovery Podcast!

In this episode, I share intimately about some of my personal struggles and triumphs such as: healing from childhood trauma, addiction, chronic illness and how it all led me to find my life purpose to help others.

My journey includes experiencing trauma before birth, to getting sober and  backpacking nine countries. At the end I was so ill that I couldn’t even function. At my breaking point, I was borderline suicidal and forced to go inward to practice meditation which led to a profound spiritual experience and healing.

Key Points:

2:50 – ACE Study – Adverse Childhood Experiences

6:15 – Experiencing your own wholeness beyond your story

7:43 – Addiction in an attempt to regulate the nervous system

13:38 – Trauma is passed down from generation to generation

16:11 – “Religious trauma syndrome” anyone…?

23:00 – The black sheep in the family

27:00 – Opiates: The feeling of coming home

30:07 – 17 years off of opiates

30:58 – My father’s deep secret

40:45 – I get sober in Alcoholics Anonymous

42:50 – My body kept the score – Illness

45:25 – One way ticket to Mexico

46:48 – Remove my colon and possibly my liver – I don’t think so!

50:09 – Meditation saves my life

56:20 – Paths are many truth is one, therapies are many healing is one.

59:37- Fecal microbial transplant anyone…?

1:04:35 – Transform my pain into purpose

1:09:02 – My personal health & healing practices

1:13:50 – Get your access to professional grade supplements at a discounted price

1:19:17 – Modalities to heal trauma

About Mike Govoni:

Mike is a Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach and Addiction Recovery Coach. For over the past fifteen years Mike has been on the path of recovery and healing. Mike has had to conquer some of life’s greatest challenges including childhood trauma, addiction and chronic illness. 

His determination to seek wholeness has led him on a journey to experience what Mike likes to call  “Healing Beyond Recovery.” Mike believes we all have the innate ability to heal and it’s what we are all seeking. 

His new profound sense of wholeness has sparked an internal flame within himself to be of service and help others in recovery to experience deeper healing and transformation.

Mike has a thriving private coaching practice working as a Trauma-Informed Integrative Recovery Coach where he helps clients who are in recovery from addiction experience deeper healing, health and transformation.

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