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Ep 5: Transform Pain into a Journey of Self Healing & Awakening w/ Dr. Paul Epstein

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About this Episode:

In this episode Dr. Paul Epstein and I discuss the connection between our biography (the story of what happened to us) and our biology (how we came to be this way). From early on in his career Dr. E has been interested in not just treating illness through natural therapies and healthy lifestyle choices but also through the mind-body connection to help people turn their pain & addictions into a journey of self healing and awakening. By engaging his patients in the healing of their own consciousness, Dr. E has seen amazing results by taking an integrative approach and treating the whole person mind, body & spirit.

As a young boy and witnessing his father suffer from shell shock from World War II— what is now know as PTSD and later dying on the operating table from bypass surgery. Dr. E intuitively knew his dad died from the pain of war and vowed to support others by helping them address their pain in a holistic way and not bypass it. After becoming a naturopathic doctor and practicing mind/body medicine. Dr. E has helped many patients to heal through natural therapies, his living questions and helping them to radically shift their relationship to their pain, to see with new eyes and allow space for the body to positively respond to get well.

Dr. E has been one of my personal mentors for the last 3 years and truly a pioneer in Mind/Body medicine. Much of what is being taught through epigenetics, the mind/body connection and radically shifting your lifestyle; Dr. E has been teaching since the 1970’s. I am truly grateful to learn from him and I hope you enjoy the show!

Key Points:

4:40-You can heal by changing their lifestyle

6:06-“Mind As Healer, Mind As Slayer”

8:40-Tell me your story – How your biography becomes your biology

9:00-Transform your pain into a journey of self healing and awakening

9:36 – Paths are many truth is one, therapies are many healing is one.

15:38-Bypassing your pain in recovery

18:15-The body bears the burden

20:04-Addictions are mood altering

20:40-Stop the Behavior & feel the feelings

22:00-Trauma is passed down from generation to generation

31:00-Addiction to Exercise

36:00-Healing happens in the therapeutic relationship or trust, safety and connection

36:20-Addiction is a result of being in pain

41:33-A big part of healing is changing how we see

42:39-Stop and face the truth

48:32-It’s painful to heal & it’s painful to stay stuck

About Dr. Paul Epstein:

Paul Epstein, ND is a Naturopathic Physician, mind-body therapist, mindfulness meditation teacher and speaker. He specializes in the healing and treating of people with lifestyle and stress related chronic disease and integrating biography and biology. He uses mind-body integrative medicine and the clinical and therapeutic application and integration of mindfulness, compassion, narrative medicine, contemplative medicine,  relationship centered care and trauma informed health and healing and the role of childhood trauma, ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences).

Dr. E supports, guides and empowers people in transforming stress, pain and illness into a journey of self healing and awakening.

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