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Ep 4: Healing with Sacred Plants w/ Carlos Tanner

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About this Episode:

In this episode Carlos and I discuss his personal journey and experience of over 17 years using and studying with the sacred plant Ayahuasca to experience healing from childhood trauma and addiction.

After having a near death experience and coming to terms that his life was unmanageable he got the phone call he so desperately needed that led him to the jungles of Peru and to his first medicine ceremony. 

Key Points:

8:08 – Shamanism 

8:55 – LSD, Mushrooms and beginning of the practice of shamanism  

10:50 – Recovery Coaching & Mushrooms  

13:00 – A rave or a shamanic journeying?

15:10 – Living the American Dream, or nightmare-which one?

16:02 – A case of the Fuck-its

18:05 – The turning point. My car was underwater 

19:00 – I needed to be the person I was supposed to be  

24:19 – We all get the call we need to wake up!

27:30 – The fist ceremony from hell  

30:05 – Who Am I 

31:00 – Declaring a new intention to the universe 

33:00 – Ayahausca revealed my childhood trauma — repairing the crack 

33:50 – I knew I would never to heroine again 

34:15 – Making the trauma conscious 

35:12 – Childhood trauma is at the root of all illness 

37:00 – Trauma as living truths that are held in the body 

41:20 – “I’m not good enough” – The lie we tell ourselves

43:00 – It wasn’t my fault – Direct realization 

44:15 – One of may favorite quotes

45:44 – Sending my mother to the jungle

49:40 – The black Pterodactyl

57:35 – The first government funded study of Ayahausca 

About Carlos Tanner:

Carlos Tanner is an American living in Peru. Where for the last 17 years he has been studying the science of plant medicine in the Amazon rainforest. He currently works as the Director of the Ayahuasca Foundation, a non-profit organization based out of Iquitos, Peru. He organizes healing retreats and education courses with authentic indigenous healers called curanderos to help people who are in need of healing. In 2017 Carlos opened the Riosbo Ayahausca Research Center which last year hosted the first and only government funded Ayahausca research in the world. Upcoming studies with Ayahuasca and plant medicine will investigate treatment of childhood trauma, chronic pain, epigenetics and other fascinating topics. 

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