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Ep 25: The Obstacle Is The Way: How To Transform Crisis Into Your Greatest Opportunity w/ Dan Hegerich

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About this Episode:

Most of you know, what inspires me to do the work I do today, including bringing this podcast to you was from having to go on my own personal healing journey from trauma, addiction and chronic illness. When I was going through my darkest days suffering from ulcerative colitis and found myself with two organs on the table, my liver and my colon. I didn’t know what to do. All I knew was that I had to leave western medicine. I did just that and one of my first calls was to today’s guest, Dan Hegerich. Dan is a terminal cancer survivor and an amazing human being. I knew he could help. Dan’s approach to integrative wellness started me off on the right path and honestly I’m not sure I would be where I am today without him. His knowledge, wisdom and expertise as it relates to integrative holistic healing and his personal story of healing from terminal cancer I felt had to be shared with you. So we created this episode to help you wherever you are on your journey to experience more health, wealth and happiness. 

Takeaways from the episode:

  • How your biggest challenges in life whether that’s a health challenge addiction, or some other crisis can be your greatest gift. The obstacle is the way! 
  • Dan shares how he healed from terminal cancer and if you want to get sick do what the masses do. He shares how to get back in accordance with nature’s laws to live your healthiest life. 
  • How your diet is not just what you consume through your mouth but what you put on our skin, what you see through your eyes, your ears and including your thoughts. And what we can do to begin to support our environment so we are consuming an overall more healthy diet. 
  • Learn Dan’s 7 pillars of health and healing that align you in accordance with nature’s laws and away from man’s laws which he says will always lead you to illness. 
  • Dan believes illness and addiction are a result from living lies which CREATES a profound disconnection from our TRUE SELF and our purpose. Learn how you can discover and recover your true self to live your most healthiest and abundant life.  

About Dan Hegerich:

Dan Hegerich is a Holistic Natural Health & Healing Educator, Consultant and Life Mentor. His approach to dynamic health emphasizes reconnecting with self-love through nutrition and movement therapies rooted in the seven elements of healing: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Mind, Love and Rest. Most of Dan’s inspiration and knowledge was born of his own experience transcending a form of cancer-diagnosed “terminal”.  After a failed bone marrow transplant in 1995 and subsequent 4 more relapses; Dan applied his expertise in civil engineering to healing himself, which involved reversing a cycle of degenerative disease and embracing a positive, generative cycle of multi-faceted nourishment. 

During the last 20 plus years, Dan has traveled widely in pursuit of pioneering knowledge of natural health and healing earning certifications in sports massage therapy, holistic counseling, corrective holistic exercise kinesiology, holistic lifestyle coaching, applied kinesiology, qigong, nutritional balancing science, life coaching and conscious breathwork. As a holistic and natural health & healing educator, consultant and optimal life mentor, Dan guides clients towards self-mastery and disease free living by learning to live more in accordance with nature’s laws and one’s true authentic nature.

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