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Ep 23: Transcending Addiction: How to Reconnect and Heal the Hole in Your Soul w/ Udo Erasmis

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About this Episode:

When I first spoke to Udo Erasmus we got right into talking about the world of health and wellness, consciousness, holistic healing and right then I knew we were going to cover a lot of ground during our recording together. In this episode, Udo shares his five decades of using health as a doorway to experience greater healing not just the physical body but also to address the longing all of us feel inside; the disconnection from the self (which is as the root of addiction) and how to reconnect to experience the wholeness that is your true nature. Udo shares deeply about how this disconnection leads to the constant chase of happiness through external means which is unfulfilling but when we reconnect with our true SELF it leads to purpose, healing, deep peace and freedom from addiction. 

Takeaways from the episode:

  • How Udo’s rough start to life and experiencing trauma  growing up during WWII was the catyslt to finding his purpose, healing  and experiencing greater spiritual awakening.
  • How to address the hole in the soul that many addicts feel even long after they put their substance of choice down.
  • Why we need to shift from the old 12 step paradigm of believing the power is outside of yourself to experiencing and reconnecting with the power inside of you.
  • Why healthy fats are essential for your health and healing and which ones to take.
  • Udo’s shares his 8 steps to total sexy health to experience greater well-being, vitality and presence in your everyday life. 

About Udo Erasmis:

Udo Erasmus is a pioneer in the field of health & wellness. He is the founder of the highly successful supplement line, Udo’s Choice Awards, harnessing the healing power of nature through products ‘made with health in mind’. Udo is also responsible for developing the machinery to create Flaxseed Oil and is also a pioneer in starting the Healthy Fats Movement. Udo has taught at events hosted by Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra and has extensive education in biochemistry, genetics, biology, and nutrition, and holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology.

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