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Ep 22: How To Live An Addiction Free Lifestyle, Semen Retention, Dopamine & Feeling Your Best w/ Ronnie Landis

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About this Episode:

In this episode Ronnie Landis shares his unique perspective, personal experience and the work he does with others on how to live an “Addiction Free Lifestyle.” We cover topics such as how to address and rest your neurotransmitter dopamine system which is the reward system in the brain. We cover a topic that many guys struggle with and that’s the addiction of pornography and masturbation and  how to work the most powerful force: your sexual energy so it begins to work for you and not against you. How to overcome limited beliefs when it comes to what you are capable of achieving when it comes to healing from addiction and achieving health. And of course we touch into the topic of  trauma and discuss “What The Real Addiction Is.” Ronnie’s enthusiasm for addressing “the whole person” when it comes to healing from addiction was contagious and was igniting me with inspiration as we recorded this show and I’m sure you’ll feel the same. 

About Ronnie Landis:

Ronnie is a holistic health and life transformation coach. Over the last 11 years he’s devoted his life to study, research and lecture around the world on natural healing and the body’s potential to self heal when its met with the right diet, nutrition and lifestyles practices. Over the years his work and interest has been focusing on the mind – body connection and now his latest piece of work is around supporting people to heal from the root cause of addiction.

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