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Ep 21: Psychedelics, Addiction and the Healing Power of Compassion w/ Rhonda Nelson

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About this Episode:

In this episode Rhonda Nelson discusses her passion as a holistic psychologist integrating multiple modalities including compassionate inquiry, Internal Family Systems and psychedelic integration to support the healing and well-being of her clients. 

Rhonda is a facilitator for Gabor Mate’s compassionate inquiry program and shares her personal journey with his work including her experience attending one of Gabor’s retreats in the jungle of Peru to explore with the plant medicine Ayahuasca. Her ceremonial work with Ayahuasca led her to have a profound shift in consciousness which she contributes to being a catalyst to healing from an inherited neuromuscular condition.

Rhonda’s safe presence and huge heart made for an inviting landscape to explore what it takes for us to heal and touch upon the places inside within each of us that tend to get in the way. 

About Rhonda Nelson:

Rhonda Nelson is trauma therapist who lives and practices in Alberta, Canada. She facilitates the Compassionate Inquiry Professional Online Training program, a psychotherapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Maté, who is a world-renowned author and speaker on human development and addiction.

She has worked in parenting and addiction for 15 years and through the University of Calgary led by Dr. Dorothy Badry, she co-created and conducted a province-wide research project exploring mothers and addiction. She co-wrote the project’s findings in a book called Mothers, Addiction, and Recovery; Finding Meaning through the Journey, published in 2018.

Rhonda also works with people in the plant medicine community, using Compassionate Inquiry, IFS (Internal Family Systems), and Emotion-Focused Family Therapy to support integration. These modalities have been instrumental in her own healing and management of an inherited neuromuscular disorder, and she is dedicated to supporting others in their physical, mental, and emotional healing process. 

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