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Ep 20: Overcoming Low Self-Esteem & Limiting Beliefs w/ Arlina Allen

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This podcast chat highlights an important area that many people in the recovery community struggle with and that is low self-esteem. Arlina shares her personal story of being sober for over 26 years and the discontent she always felt in early recovery as she quotes “trying to solve the wrong problems.” Arlina shares how she fell into the trap of thinking “if she only made more money” or “had a better body” that all her problems would go away. Little did she know she was suffering from low self esteem and after embarking on her personal journey to heal it did she find contentment in the areas of her life that were lacking the most; love, finances and health. Arlina found her life’s work in the process of healing her own wounds which she shares in depth with the listeners to help them heal from the unconscious beliefs, shame and guilt that may be holding them back from living their best life. This episode gets deep as we touch upon neuroscience, the law of attraction, healing the unconscious and much more to help shine some light on what’s holding us back so we can thrive in our life in Recovery. 

About Arlina Allen:

Arlina Allen is a Life & Recovery Coach, the founder of Sober Life School, and host of the award winning recovery podcast
“The ODAAT Chat Podcast”. 

She has been sober since 1994, married for 23 years, and mother of two amazing boys. 

Her class “Reinvent – How To Rebuild Self-Esteem & End Self-Sabotage” is being taught to those who’ve suffered from low self-esteem, codependency, workaholism and many other issues. 

It is also being taught in the CA and AZ Prison System to help provide healthy coping skills to inmates before they are released. 

“We only allow into our lives what we feel we deserve, consciously or unconsciously. You can change what you believe and create the life of your dreams. Change your mind, change your life.”  ~Arlina Allen 

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