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Ep 2: When the Past is Present w/ Dr. David Richo

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About this Episode:

Uncovering the unconscious and transference, Dr. David Richo delves into how the past influences the present.

His mindfulness approach to healing allows space to process the five A’s (attention, acceptance, appreciation, affection and allowance) that show up across the lifespan.

Dr. David Richo is a Psychotherapist, Workshop Leader, combines psychological and spiritual perspectives in his work, and an author.

Key Points:

03:27 – When the Past Is Present

05:34 – Transference and the Five A’s

11:45 – Lack of attunement during infancy

18:18 – When the Five A’s aren’t met in childhood, and transference in adult relationships

21:14 – How to bring the unconscious to the conscious and begin to heal now

29:02 – The physical signs of unconscious processes

31:40 – Not working through the past and its impact on parenthood.

33:13 – How to do the deeper work and heal now

35:10 – How mindfulness and awareness play a part in the healing process and doing the best you are willing to do

41:17 – What we are not changing we are choosing, and how we can actually change

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When the Past Is Present, by Dr. David Rico
Triggers: How We Can Stop Reacting and Start Healing, by Dr. David Rico

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