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Ep 19: How To Have a Conscious Relationship: Healing Trauma, Setting Boundaries, & Opening to Love w/ Cassandra Solano

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About this Episode:

In this episode Cassandra Solano and I have an in-depth conversation about the relationship challenges many people face in their lives in recovery and the work that is necessary to attract the right partner and step into conscious relationship.

Cassandra shares her own personal story of childhood trauma, addiction and domestic violence. The pain of her past and desire to heal, led her own her own personal journey to discover true love in which birthed her purpose to help others heal their wounds so they can experience the beauty in relationship that she has found.

We cover a lot of ground in this episode, and together we hope to shine some light on what may be keeping you stuck in relationship and how to take steps forward toward a healthy, connected, content conscious relationship. 

Takeaways from the episode:

  • What is a conscious relationship?
  • Why the trauma of childhood plays in intricate part in our relationships as adults and how to heal it.
  • What to do if you’re in a relationship and doing your deep personal work but your partner is not interested in doing theirs.
  • Why we tend to stay in some relationships much longer than we know we need to and what to do if that’s you.
  • What is attachment trauma? And why knowing your attachment style can be a complete game changer for you and your partner and much more! 

About Cassandra Solano:

Cassandra is a licensed clinical social worker and a conscious relationship coach. She has been counseling since 2006 in various settings from drug treatment to running a large mental health program serving the homeless and formerly incarcerated populations. She’s been in private practice for over a year serving woman and couples online all over the world to identify how their childhood trauma is impacting their adult relationships to get clarity and the love they want. She is a sober mom of 3 plus one bonus kid, a survivor of childhood emotional abuse, domestic violence and is remarried after struggling for a decade in her first toxic marriage. She uses a mind body spirit approach in helping her clients and enjoys integrating psychology, neuroscience and spirituality to help clients transform their lives. 

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