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Ep 15: Own Your Recovery: The Importance of Daily Routine, Supplementation, Nutrition & More w/ Jeff Simone

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In this show Jeff and I cover a lot of ground. Jeff shares vulnerably about  his story of being a doctor of pharmacy and having unlimited access to pills in which over time got the best of him as he developed a severe opiate addiction that eventually led him to hit rock bottom. Jeff eventually rose from the ashes of addiction to shift his career that never felt right with him in the first place to becoming an advanced dietary supplement adviser and now supports people in recovery. Jeff shares with us some of his best supplement recommendations and one in particular to support people with opiate withdrawal as well as other nutritional and lifestyle interventions to help you live your best life in recovery. Jeff enlightens us on his 12 Rules to Recovery which he believes are essential to having success and thriving in your life in recovery. 

About Jeff Simone:

Jeff Simone is a Doctor of Pharmacy, Advanced Dietary Supplement Adviser, founder of Reaction Recovery and person in long term recovery. He works one-one-one with folks recovering from drug and alcohol addictions by addressing diet, nutritional supplementation, daily routine and more. Jeff helps clients stabilize their internal environment and helps them strengthen the quality of their recovery. 

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