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Ep 14: Tapering Off Psych Drugs Naturally: Overcoming Anxiety/Depression & The Power of Breath w/ Dr. Jodie Skillicorn

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About this Episode:

This episode is near and dear to me because I’ve personally witnessed the suffering of my clients on psychiatric drugs and wanting to come off but not knowing where to turn. After hearing Dr. Jodie speak on “The Dr. Gundry Podcast” I knew I needed to connect with her.

In this episode we take a deep dive into Dr. Jodie’s world of holistic psychiatry and the proven data and research that is now available that shows us how to take a more practical effective approach to addressing mental health naturally.

We discuss the importance of addressing the whole person when it comes to getting well and how the main stream medical’s failing approach to symptom based management.

Dr. Jodie believes as a doctor “we need to be asking the clients different questions.” Questions that validate how the patient is feeling rather than pathologizing them with a diagnoses. To take time to listen to their symptoms and the message and means they hold as a way to get to the root cause of why they are expressing themselves in the mind/body of the person in need. She states that ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and trauma are often at their root.

Dr. Jodie shares with us from her personal toolbox of healing modalities, the tips, practices, supplements and modalities that she uses with her clients including the power of the breath to regulate autonomic nervous systems and restore the mind/body back into balance.

We also discussed why Dr. Jodie believes neurotransmitters play a roll but are not the leading cause of mental health disorders and how you can address them with various supplements, diet and lifestyle changes.

At end of the show Dr. Jodie shares about her book “Healing Depression without Medication: A Psychiatrist’s Guide to Balancing Mind, Body and Soul“.

About Dr. Jodie Skillicorn:

Dr. Jodie Skillicorn is board certified Psychiatrist and a Diplomate of the American Board of Holistic Integrative Medicine. She is the author of the book Healing Depression Without Medications: A Psychiatrist’s Guide to Balancing Mind, Body, and Soul

Dr. Jodie’s passion is in guiding, supporting and teaching her patients self care techniques that help balance their bodies and minds, thus empowering them to take an active role in their own unique healing journeys on the road to optimal health. She believes by teaching people these skills it may also help in reducing and often eliminating the need for medications.

Dr. Jodie has a private practice working out of her home in Ohio where she integrates conventional medical training with evidence-based holistic methods that include breathwork, meditation, yoga, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT),(EMDR), Mind-Body Medicine, nutrition, supplements, exercise and more. 

She believes strongly in the body’s ability to heal itself if given the resources, support and the importance of empowering patients to take back their health through simple, but effective lifestyle changes.

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