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Ep 13: Healing Body Image: Yoga & What We’re Seeking Is Already Present w/ Leila Dylla

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About this Episode:

In this episode Leila Dylla shares her experience about how yoga helped her heal from trauma and gain a new perspective of the world.

From cross fit coach to yogi, Leila shares her journey with the audience in an authentic way that allows us to connect deeply with what happened to her, who she is now and the beautiful work she is doing in the world to help other woman heal. 

Key Points:

11:00 – Building up my armor in the gym. 

17:15 – How yoga helped me heal 

17:57 – Looking for relief in all the wrong places

24:53 – Moving through the cycles of trauma

34:25 – The ego can’t be satisfied; The dis-ease of MORE

About Leila Dylla:

Leila Dylla has been a yoga teacher and spiritual guide for almost 10 years. She is a trauma informed lifestyle coach and has been deeply inspired by the Vedic Yoga philosophy during her pilgrimages & training in India. Her personal style of teaching is influenced by the work of Caroline Myss and leans on the energetic anatomy of the human spirit. Leila believes in the brilliance in that which we already ARE and is committed to guiding all that are ready, back to their Source in a light hearted and joyous way. Leila holds yoga and spiritual retreats both in and out of the U.S and spends much of her time between Bermuda and Florida. 

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