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Ep 11: Awakening Your Inner Healer: Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation, Personalized Medicine, Ayurveda & More w/ Dr. Atousa Mahdavi

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About this Episode:

This episode is a deep dive into the importance of personalized medicine and how to begin the journey to take a whole mind, body, spirit approach to healing.

Dr. Atousa goes deep into the philosophy of yoga and Ayurvedic/Functional Medicine and the importance of diet and lifestyle to promote healing, health and wellness. She enlightens the audience on the power of the breath and how the breath is the bridge from the unconscious to the conscious.

At the end she gives the listeners a couple tips and practices that we can begin to do today to initiate the process of healing.

This episode is one of my favorites to date and suggest it to anyone who is looking to physically heal from illness or who wants to simple learn to calm their mind.

Key Points:

12:05 – The moment I decided not to take the pill

15:47 – Moving beyond allopathic medicine – the body as a whole 

19:04 – How allopathic medicine sees you as a disease 

33:54 – Every doctor needs to start with the gut 

43:30 – We have more neurons in the gut than we do in the brain

45:26 – Without the proper doctor there is no point of medicine 

50:28 – The power of the breath

51:43 – The link between death “expired” and “inspired” 

58:03 – The power of the breath 

About Dr. Atousa Mahdavi:

Dr. Atousa Mahdavi, has been practicing holistic medicine for the last 25 years in a hands-on clinical setting, working with patients from all walks of life. Her own personal healing journey along with that of her patients and clients is a fascinating tale of discovery, learning and triumphant healing and recovery. A doctor of chiropractic and certified Functional and Ayurvedic Medicine as well as Yoga Therapy, she has a very unique combination of areas of expertise that make her methods effective long term.

She has a deep longing to end human suffering from chronic ailments and is passionate about educating the public about a shift in paradigm to a wellness model of medicine from the current sick-care model of medicine. With a holistic approach and a profound understanding and knowledge of the human system and the mechanics of wellness and health, she has helped many of her patients and clients gain optimal health and well-being. She believes that long-term care involves treating the whole person physically, mentally and spiritually.

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