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Ep 1: It’s not the drug. It’s the ACE’s…Adverse Childhood Experiences w/ Dr. Daniel Sumrok

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About this Episode:

Through collaborative care plans, and treating the underlying processes of drug addiction, Dr. Daniel Sumrok delves into how he implements trauma-informed care. Taking a holistic approach to treating addiction, he builds trust, meets the person where they are, and reduce relapse within persons working through their addiction. Dr. Daniel Sumrok is the Medical Director of The Integrated Health Centers of Nashville, the president of the Tennessee Society of Addiction Medicine, and a University of Tennessee Medical School faculty member. He is also board-certified in both family medicine and addiction medicine and brings exceptional achievement and though leadership in the field of Trauma-Informed Treatment.

When people are able to be relieved of that anxiety and craving, it’s a powerful opportunity for them to excel in their lives – Dr. Daniel Sumrok

Key Points:

00:35 – Guest introduction: Dr. Daniel Sumrok

02:25 – As a medical physician whose board certified both in family medicine and Addiction Medicine, Dr. Sumrok talks about what inspired his interests in a trauma informed treatment for addiction

05:53 – Dr. Sumrok talks his experience as an obstetrician, finding out his county was awash with drug addiction, and his journey on transition into trauma and addiction, and staring the Center for Addiction Sciences

08:19 – Dr. Sumrok talks about treating the underlying processes instead of treating the symptoms from a physician’s perspective

09:37 – What are aces? And, why they may be at the root of addiction

12:23 – CDC most common causes of death in the United States and linear dose response links to childhood trauma in adulthood

13:23 – Implementing trauma informed care and collaborative care plans

14:53 – Compassion, collaborative care, meeting the individual where they are, and caring about their situation

17:51 – Why taking an integrative approach is necessary for treating addiction

20:03 – Building trust, showing compassion, and relapse reduction

24:25 – What are some results of proper prescriptions, working on aces, and using an integrative holistic approach

25:42 – MAT and addiction management, and conditioning

30:33 – Working through unprocessed trauma, white-knuckling it, and the difficulty of finding trauma-informed care

34:51 – Linking biography and biology: What role does trauma-informed play in clinical decision making?

40:35 – How Integrative Health Center (IHC) care differs from Medical Assisted Addiction (MAT) care

46:34 – Where to find Dr. Sumrok and IHC

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