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Personalized Integrative Recovery Coaching

Thank you for choosing you! Please trust that you’ve been directed to this page for a reason. Take a deep breath, embrace the process, listen to your gut. It knows…


It is my mission as a coach to help guide and support you along your path, and to become the necessary bridge that leads you to greater healing. True freedom comes from the kind of gentle loving guidance that leads you through your recovery to an even greater transformation--one where you discover your own wholeness.


I provide my clients with the utmost undivided attention during our one-on-one coaching relationship, which is why I work with only a select number of people--so I can be of maximum service to you!


If you feel you’re ready to go that extra step in your healing—your gut’s telling you it’s time to do your deeper work—let’s talk. Chances are good life has brought you to this very page at this exact time for a reason.


Simply fill out the questionnaire below and then schedule your discovery call. I look forward to connecting with you!


With Compassionate Support, Mike