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Our articles will cover topics like trauma, addiction, recovery, healing, spirituality, health and consciousness. 

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3 Things The Recovery Community Gets Wrong

In 1935, Bill Wilson and Bob Smith founded Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in Akron Ohio. In the intervening decades the movement spread across the globe, and …

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Mindfulness Meditation For Addiction & Recovery

For the uninitiated, the word “meditation” may bring to mind images of monks sitting blissfully on mountains. Or quiet chanting in a candle-lit room. While …

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The Beginners Guide To Somatic Experience

Trauma lies at the heart of addiction. It acts as a trigger for substance abuse and can continue long after we start our journey into …

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Is Addiction A Life Sentence?

“Once an addict always an addict” During my first few years in the 12 steps program I heard this idea repeated to death. If you’ve …

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